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Return Policy

Shiyun truck trailer enjoys a one-year warranty, effective from the date of shipment. Shiyun Vehicle guarantees that all new machines sold will not be damaged by the manufacturer’s workmanship, parts and materials.


The special statement, the following circumstances will not be processed for return

1. Any product not sold by Shiyun

2. Any product that has quality problems due to improper use or storage by the customer

3. The quality problems of Shiyun semi trailer caused by misuse or incorrect use, or the semi trailer with torn or altered labels or anti-counterfeiting marks will not be returned.

Return instructions

1. If the product has no quality problem, it will not be returned. If the product has a quality problem, please provide a picture of the product (warm reminder: clearly show the situation of all products in a photo, and contact our after-sales department for relevant processing).

2. The product must be returned within 30 days after the delivery date. Unapproved returns will be subject to a 25% purchase fee plus round-trip freight. Shiyun is not responsible for other tools or modifications sold or executed on any Shiyun semi trailer. On the basis of Shiyun Semi Trailer’s case-by-case determination, the addition of such described tools and/or modifications may invalidate the warranty.

3. If it is determined that the item/component is damaged due to lack of maintenance, cleaning and/or misuse/abuse, the customer will be responsible for the cost of replacing the item/component and all related transportation costs.

(This limited warranty does not apply to natural disasters; terrorist acts; normal wear and tear; product failure due to lack of maintenance or cleaning; damage due to accidents, negligence, insufficient or insufficient dust collection; and/or repairs performed by others Or misuse/abuse or damage caused by modification.)

4. Shiyun shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by the freight company or other circumstances beyond our control. All claims for lost or damaged goods must be notified to Shiyun within 24 hours after delivery.

5. The customer has 30 days to return it. Please keep all packing materials to repack the parts/accessories/machines to be replaced. If the item is a small item, the return label will be affixed to your packaging. Don’t throw it away.

If the item is not returned to Shiyun, you will bear the cost of the item. Your account will be billed. We will not provide any services until this balance is paid or the items in good condition are returned.