Extendable Blade Trailer

6 Axle Extendable Blade Trailer


Our extendable trailers feature a flat, extendible load floor and hydraulically forced steering. The very large steering angle makes the manoeuvrability of the Shiyun extendable trailer exceptional. Moreover, this hydraulic steering of the ballasttrailer and teletrailer ensures the maintenance costs are very low and tyre wear is kept to a minimum.

Extendable trailer and telescopic trailer for sale from China Shiyun are widely used for long cargo transport, especially for windmill parts logistics, such as wind blade, wind tower section, and turbine. The stretchable telescopic beam could be 2 or 3 parts. Total length can reach up to 60 meters.

The extendable trailer’s original design is using the mechanical axle, just like a low-bed trailer connect with a telescopic beam to make its length adjustable, so enable the trailer to adapt to different lengths of cargos.

The telescopic beam could be mounted in other semi-trailers, giving you an extendable flatbed trailer, extendable drop deck trailer as well as extendable lowboy trailer.