Wind Blade Adapter

67m Wind Blade Adaptor Trailer


67m Wind Blade Trailer with 8 Axle Modular Trailer can lift the wind turbine blades, it usually transport the wind turbine blades to the top of the mountain.


This large wind blade adaptor trailer is very popular in Vietnam and other countries. transporting 121-155 model blades. This wind turbine blade transport is suitable for rugged mountain roads and sharp bends. The rotor wind blade adapter trailer can raise, swing, and rotate the blades. It can avoid various obstacles such as trees, mountains, and wires on the way, effectively solve the problem of wind power blade transportation in mountain areas, and directly grasp the wind blades by the hydraulic power station. In the case of high wind, the blades can rotate 360 degrees to avoid the wind, and participate in the balance through the counterweight to ensure transportation safety.